“Taking the Insurance Umpire Process
into the 21st Century” SM

Traditionally, when the Insurance Appraisal Process fails and a settlement of claims pivot to an insurance umpire, traditional protocols of scheduling and traveling to on-site visits bogged down the informal appraisal process with coordination of site visits, travel and expense and duplicity of efforts.

Yet, the advent of remote technologies such as drones, 3D imaging such as Matterport®, Docusketch®, Xactimate Mobile®, Encirlce®, Iguide® and others technology have helped speed up the claims management process in property insurance claim but has not been effectively utilized in insurance umpire panels which is stuck in decades old protocols.

That “virtualization” of the claims process leaves much of the disputes of the facts resolved, leaving just the competing concept of scoping and pricing as the matters to be resolved in by an Umpire, permitting the panel to meet virtually—and invoke the Virtual Insurance Umpire™. 


Once the panel agrees that a Virtual Insurance Umpires™ process is appropriate, through a series of phone calls, emails and Zoom™ or Google Meet™, sessions, the parties exchange estimates, reports, 3D Imaging, Drone and other photography and other “appraisal documents” with the Umpire. 

The parties conclude the Umpires Panel meetings through the use of virtual technology with the panel reaching unanimous or majority agreement through the execution of an appraisal award. 

The Benefits of the Virtual Insurance Umpire™ Process

Elimination of Duplicity

Elimination of Needless Travel

Lower Cost Savings

Quick Resolutions of Claims



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